TUNESTER gets a new icon, playlists, 'notification controls' and music discovery; coming this fall!

12 August — After the incredible response of our users after the release, TUNESTER makes the following announcements: First: Next week we release the new TUNESTER icon! Second: TUNESTER playlists will be incredibly simple as the rest of the app. ‘Notification controls' and a ‘widged’ will also be added among other features. Finally the developers give away that they are working on an ‘exciting’ new way of discovering music.

August 2013

  1. Aug 02

    TUNESTER: the world's easiest music player, released on Android!

    TUNESTER is a gesture based minimalistic music player for Android. The all new 'dynamic list interface' makes navigating through a single list of music both fast and easy, while remaining a clear overview. The result: each song is accessible in one or two clicks, which is faster than any other music player out there! Combined with a clear and minimalistic design, TUNESTER's user experience is unparalleled in it's simplicity.